Empire: Andre related scoop and more on the second half of season 2 from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello


Here’s some scoop on Empire from this week’s (Posted on 2/18/16) Ask Ausiello column.


Question: How worried should we be about Andre when Empire comes back? —Amy
Ausiello: Well, based on his body language in Fox’s teaser for Season 2B, you should at least be moderately concerned. Whatever the result of his pregnant wife Rhonda getting brutally shoved down a staircase in the show’s Winter Finale, though, Andre can perhaps look forward to a little more civility between his mom and dad going forward. As showrunner Ilene Chaiken points out, the extended embrace between Cookie and Lucious after Mimi’s takeover of Empire Entertainment was “a very big moment for us, and a reminder of the inextricable bond those two will always share — and rediscover from time to time — especially in moments of adversity.” BONUS SCOOP: Asked about the fate of Adam Rodriguez’s Laz, last seen being “dealt with” by Lucious after betraying Cookie, Chaiken has this to offer: “I wouldn’t assume Laz is dead, but I’d assume that he got hurt pretty badly. And I would say he’s dead to Cookie — you can’t do that to Cookie and expect ever to live another day in her eyes.”


Link to the full article:‘Gilmore Girls’ Season 8 Spoilers: Netflix Revival — Logan and Jess | TVLine


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