Gotham: Gordon and Galavan related scoop on episode 2×10 “The Son of Gotham” and Barbara related scoop from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich

Here’s some scoop on Gotham from this week’s (Posted on 11/22/15) Matt’s Inside Line column.


I’m enjoying Season 2 of Gotham, but I’m starting to wonder how long they plan to carry on the story arc with Theo Galavan. Will it cover all of Season 2, or is there a change planned for the second half of the season? –Eric
It’s definitely spilling into the second half, given that this Monday, Gordon “will finally peel back the layers” and see what Galavan is up to, setting the stage for the Fox series’ take on DC Comics’ Order of St. Dumas. “It’s not completely dissimilar [from the comics],” EP John Stephens told me. As hinted in recent weeks, “It’s an old order of monks who for the past 500 years have been anointing a sort of ‘champion’ – Azrael — a vigilante assassin who goes out and purges the world of sin. So we’ll be telling that story this season.” Bonus, unrelated scoop: Might that near-fatal fall from the bell tower have knocked some sense into Barbara? “I doubt that!” answers Erin Richards. “But it might have changed her in some ways.”


Link to the full article:‘Castle’ Season 8 Fall Finale Spoilers — Rick Investigates Kate | TVLine


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