The Originals: Scoop on the possibility of Klaus and Hayley becoming a couple from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello

Here’s some scoop on The Originals from this week’s (Posted on 11/18/15) Ask Ausiello column.


Question: I think that Klaus and Hayley have some of the best chemistry on The Originals. Is there a chance for romance between them later down the line? I’m really not interested in the other pairings. —Nicole
Ausiello: Well, Nicole, before Klaus and Hayley can even think about a romantic future together, they first have to be able to stand each other’s company — a development about which Joseph Morgan doesn’t sound too confident. “The director of the episode we’re shooting now described Klaus and Hayley as being two people who really wouldn’t be in each other’s lives if it weren’t for Hope,” he says. “It was something that happened once between them. They’ve had numerous arguments, which would have been enough to make them say goodbye, but they can’t, because they’re both responsible for this little girl. They’re forced to make an uneasy peace, but their dynamic — like all of the dynamics on the show — is constantly in flux.” Does that answer your question at all?


Link to the full article:‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 3: Melissa Fumero Pregnant, What About Amy? | TVLine


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